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The MOODmatcher Evolution

Moodmatcher® is all about color-changing lipstick that helps boost your mood and empowers you to explore and have fun! It makes sense then that Moodmatcher, The Brand, also embraces change!  

On the eve of our 35th Anniversary, we are stepping away from our founder Fran Wilson to now stand proudly on our own.

Rest assured that the Moodmatcher® logo may have changed but our products are the same. We’re excited about this new era for Moodmatcher - we hope you are too!
NEW Logo
No. we do not use any ingredients in our formulations that were tested on animals.
All of our products have a 3 ½ year shelf life. There are 6 digits located on the bottom of the bottle and box. The last 2 digits represents the year of production. Add 3 ½ years to the year produced and that is the expiration date of your product.
Free Shipping within the USA on all orders over $50.00 in product. Standard shipping is via USPS or UPS. Expedited Shipping information is available at check out. International orders shipping cost will vary by country and these fees will be calculated upon check out.
Yes, we do ship internationally. Shipping cost will depend upon location. Shipping rates will be available at checkout. Shipping rates do not include duties or taxes that may get applied within your country.
We have different promotions every month sent via our email newsletter. Please be sure to sign up and receive a 10% coupon for your first order. To Sign up, easily go to the bottom of the page of the website, enter your email address and Sign up. Voila! you’ll get your 10% OFF discount via email instantly.
Yes, we can. There are two options. You may go to the “build a regimen” page on our website, and look for the skin concerns you feel fit your skin needs, and discover our recommendations. If you want personal assistance, you may reach out to our customer service team at all times via email or call us Monday-Friday 8:30 am –5:30 pm EST at 1-800-873-6245 (US only) or 212-447-0036 (domestic and international).
Yes. All beads in our products burst upon application for an extra boost of Vitamin A. The Eye Gel beads will be applied under and around eye area. Smooth in and let beads burst and let absorb. The beads in the gel cleanser will dissolve and do not clog any sink or disposables. Wash off the gel cleanser. Do not leave beads on face as treatment.
Some of our skincare products do have a signature fragrance. We put a light scent into our formulas to cover the smell of the natural vitamin scent, so the products are absolutely pleasant.
An I.U. is a unit of measurement to represent the vitamin level and potency in the jar of an ingredient. It appears on our packaging to inform the Vitamin A level in that product. I.U.’s are commonly used in vitamin nutritional information.
We advise you do not use Retinol under elongated periods of sun exposure. However, it is fine to use with daily sun exposure, if you use Retinol Day Cream SPF 20 for daily sun protection.
Skincare LdeL Cosmetics® takes sensitive skin into consideration when formulating. Our products are safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive, but we advise you slowly build a regimen to ensure positive reaction to all products. Our entire regimen is safe to use together, providing a steady and effective level of Vitamin A to the skin “day and night,” helping minimize fine lines and wrinkles and other targeted benefits, which may vary between products (i.e. eye gel focus on under-eye puffiness + dark circles).
You may ask your doctor for best advice.
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